Polite Type specializes in lettering and typeface design. Working with outstanding designers, agencies, and artists, we provide a little extra love to their letterforms. This can look like anything from lettering for logos, to custom typefaces for comic-book artists. Zooming in on typographic details is part of what makes this the best job in the world.

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Creative work means constantly getting other ideas, finding things you want to learn more about, or discovering new and impressive ways to procrastinate. Sometimes those procrastinations turn into projects, sometimes they fail. Examples of both are presented here.

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Despite the use of intermittent use of"we", Polite Type is a one-woman show. Based in the beautiful suburbs of Northern New Jersey, Beth works with clients near and far to help make typographic dreams come true. She is an avid reader, penpal and lover of all things typographic. She'd love to chat with you about any of these things and more.