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Executant is the typeface that I created as my final project for the Type@Cooper Extended program. It is inspired by the written and visual poetry of Barcelona artist, Joan Brossa. Type@Cooper was an incredible experience and I'd love to talk to anyone who has more questions about my time there or about applying. I can't believe how much I learned and grew as a designer and as a lover of type.

I had first applied to the Condensed program, immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree. After getting rejected, I took some time to work, improve my vector illustration skills, take workshops, and take an Intro to Type Design class at the Cooper Union. When I reapplied to the Extended program, I was a much stronger candidate than before.

To view my (accepted) Type@Cooper application, download this pdf:
Type@Cooper Application

(If you're curious, send me an email and I can send you my rejected application, too.)

As part of our final project, we wrote about our process and experience designing a typeface from nothing but our own brief and drawing. I struggled a great deal, but couldn't be more grateful for the experience, the encouragement and the education that I was lucky enough to partake in. To see the first revival typeface that I worked on, click here.

To check out my process book about Executant, download this pdf: 
Type@Cooper Process Book

This project is still very much in-progress. Next steps for me are to clean up the italic, and maybe start adding some cyrillic characters. Feedback is always appreciated!

Because this typeface was to be used for short poems, I knew that it needed to withstand a great deal of whitespace surrounding it. As I worked on the typeface, my proof document always contained pages with generous leading and short line lengths, so I could assess how it was performing.

This is my daughter and I in front of a poster showcasing Executant, at the TDC in New York City.