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Caldwell, New Jersey Icons & Programs

An extension of the Parentgiving Brand, including custom icons & programs

Project Name Icons & Programs

Tools Used


Parentgiving's product selection is vast, to say the least. We wanted to help their customers easily & quickly navigate to their intended product(s), while providing opportunities for them to consider additional products that may not have been on their shopping list. By creating a category/icon structure, we were able to better understand the full spread and site map of available products. The icon set also helps to reinforce the Parentgiving brand, lending an air of authority and intention in circumstances when words alone would not suffice. We also wanted to showcase some of the program identities that we have worked on within the Parentgiving Brand. Larger companies need to be constantly looking at ways to organize and present the expanse of what they are able to offer. We love the opportunity to help brands do this very thing.


One of the biggest challenges for the category icon set was narrowing down the exact categories that were needed. From there, it was important to look at ways of clearly representing the defining characteristics of that category in a simple and cohesive way.

Final thoughts

‍A lot of times, you know a design is working when it feels like it isn't there at all. (See Beatrice Warde's Crystal Goblet Theory) This is a major goal for icons and programs. They should be able to live naturally in the existing visual environment that has been established by the brand. We were really satisfied with the integration and extended usage of the work shown here.